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Licensed    Bonded    Insured

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At J&T we have all of the latest drain cleaning technology and

equipment to diagnose any backup and clear it properly.  Our

experienced technicians have been trained to not only

clear a clogged drain or sewer line, but to clean up

after themselves when they’re done.


We also offer what nobody else does, a video inspection

of every sewer line we clear at no extra charge.  This way we can see exactly what’s causing

the backup and offer long term solutions to keep you’re drains running smoothly.  This also helps

to make sure we’ve cleared your line properly whether we’re cabling or jetting.



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Sewer Lines


Toilet Drains


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Kitchen Sink Drains


Laundry Drains


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Sewer Excavation & Repair


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Septic Systems



If you’re needing any of these drain/sewer line repairs done, or if you’d like an estimate, please

let us know and we can setup an appointment at your convenience.


Call J&T today at 641-864-2400 for professional drain services at affordable rates.

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